Volunteers & Volunteer Opportunities

Awaken your passions and your heart by volunteering for something that is meaningful to you.  We are all busy people. We often have jobs, families and obligations to tend to. You are volunteering on your own time, but be sure to not overextend yourself to the extent that you will let someone down or not fulfill expectations. Do something that matters. You are choosing to use time to work for something. Be sure to give it your best shot! 

December 2019

October 2019

November 2019

Current items needing help with and it does not need to be the same person every day:

1. Pricing Garage Sale items

2. Setting up for the Garage Sale

3. Tearing down for the Garage Sale

4. Lunch time 12:15 Wash Tables and straighten chairs

5. Any time Salt and Pepper shakers need filling and cleaning

6. Any time Sugar needs to be filled on the table racks

7. Entryway doors need sanding and Painted


If you are one that would like to volunteer for one or more of these items please contact Joann to put your services on the calendar.